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Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Atlas Nusantara (STTAR) is located in Malang, East Java, well known as one of education cities in Indonesia.

STT Atlas Nusantara Malang has a cooperative program named JOINT PROGRAM VEDC MALANG

What We Offer

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Curriculum Model

Our lecturing models Is using Dual System model’s. Dual System is a dual education system that combines apprenticeships in a company and academic education at a college  in one course. Kuliah Kerja Industri (Internship) as a characteristic of dual system that implemented at 4th and 6th semester. This lecturing process is held on Industry partner for one semester and this is the time to the student practice all of them skill on Industry Partner.

Double Degree Program

STT Atlas Nusantara Malang would like to offer a double degree program with the student exchange system. The implementation would be like this, at semester held 1-4 lecturing process will be take at Home university and on  5-8 semesters will be take at the university partner (Host University). Benefit Double Degree Program:
1. Student will receive two Degree and Transcript from STTAR and Derby University
2. Have a skill on two language, both: English and Indonesian
3. Student will learn different culture, both: UK and Indonesian


More than 75 major industries, medium, and small international standard in Indonesia, which is spread in the region of East Java, Jakarta, Bandung and Batam as an educational partner-based Dual System in Joint Program VEDC Malang. In the thesis the student is expected to explain technical solutions to concrete problems that arise in the process of production, logistics, or product development in industry. This is done so that the development of intense and industry optimization assisted by students and even lecturers in this case as the student supervisor. Through this close cooperation the industry can realize the cost in the development of innovative production or production optimization at a favorable price and quality competition benefit the industry.

Student Activity

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Partnership Joint Program VEDC Malang:


  • Teluk Pacitan 50 Arjosari
    Malang 68119
  • +62341(475898)